Why MineSim?

Moduler training simulations such as MineSim create a learning environemnt to train the users on real world processes using real world equipment.

  • Enhance users skills and knowledge.
  • Lower risks on your operation.
  • Safety intergrated training in the modules.
  • Reduce the number of incidents and accidents in your operation
  • Learn through making mistakes in a virtual world, its cheaper than making mistakes in the real world
  • Cost effective training for all levels of your operation
  • MineSim provides 24/7 training, computers dont get tired.
  • Increase the production of your operation:
    • Users obtain an in depth knowledge of modules learning objectives.
    • Through understanding and education of equipment lower the maintenance costs.
    • Users naturally optimize their work through higher education.

If you would like to learn more about MineSim and how it can help your operation please send us a message from our Contact us page.

Digital Doubles

MineSim continues to develop digital assets of equipment that gets used in processing facilities. As such, we can create digital doubles of your processing plant. Using our assets or generating new assets, we can bring your processing plant into a fully interactive environment.

  • Provide virtual safety inductions using your processing facility.
  • Allow new staff to become familiar with how to operate your process before stepping foot on site.
  • Introduce consultants to your operation virtually to discuss processing bottlenecks and solutions from anywhere in the world.
  • Change the behaviour of your operation in virtual space to experience the upstream and downstream effects prior to making changes on site.