PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

This module entails learning about what Personal protective equipment (PPE) is, why it is important and when you should be wearing the correct PPE. This module will also have the students participate in an emergency evacuation of the office block where they will acquire their PPE. As this is considered an introduction module to MineSim there is not a lot of equipment for the user to interact with and the user is mostly stationary in the module.

PPE MineSim Screenshot

Safety Objects

This module entails learning about the supporting safety items that can be found around your plant. These items are there to help keep you safe in event of an emergency. The module is also considered an introductory module to MineSim and has more interaction than the PPE module. The focus is still on safety and during this module the user will become exposed to a wide range of safety equipment as well as their uses.

Safety Objects MineSim Screenshot

Hazard Identification

Identifying hazards is a key skill in keeping a processing plant safe. Learning how to react on those hazards and when to react on those hazards is vital. Tools and equipment to help in hazard identification are covered in this module. This module relies on the user having more experience to walk around and interact with the environment making it the last introduction module to MineSim. The users will find only a few important hazards that they will experience in a real operation and how best to approach and manage them.

Hazard Identification MineSim Screenshot

The ROM pad Introduction

The ROM (Run of Mine) is in most processing plants that deal with metals, the beginning of where processing operation takes over the ore-bearing material. As such, it is also normally one of the starting positions a junior plant operator will be positioned when they begin working on a plant site. The position of a ROM pad controller is normally a job that has some machine loading experience as well. This module does not teach machine work and material loading instead it focuses on becoming familiar with the ROM pad, its safety rules, jargon and procedures from a plant operators perspective. The role is an important one as bad management at the ROM pad can cause severe downstream problems with the plants equipment and chemistry.

ROM Pad Intro MineSim Screenshot

ROM pad Operation

The ROM pad requires an operator to manage the plant by ensuring that the heavy equipment being used on the pad is not being abused, that the ROM pad safety standards are maintained, the ROM pad is clean of any foreign items that could potentially damage equipment or hurt anybody inspecting the pad and to finally make sure that the blend plan being delivered by mining and operation is carried out at the feed rate specified. The task is important with bad management at the ROM causing downstream issues to occur more frequently. In this module the user will run a 20min shift as the ROM pad controller managing and record the heavy equipment cycle time, doing a prestart inspection on the ROM to allow for a good shift and to monitor tonnage being fed to the plant in order to reach a KPI objective.

ROM pad operation MineSim Screenshot

Crusher Plant Introduction

The crusher module is an introduction to the crushing plant and focuses on a Jaw crusher with its supporting equipment. The crushing plant that the user will experience lacks some of the equipment typically found at a crusher such as vibrating screens and rock breakers which will be added to this module at a later stage. For now, the user will have the ability to walk around a jaw crusher plant that is already in operation watching the equipment in use listening to the sounds it makes. The user learns about different equipment and why they are important to each other as well. The user will help the crusher operator by rectifying a problem that is common on crushing plants, unblocking the ROM bin using a vibrating motor.

ROM Pad Intro MineSim Screenshot

Crusher Operations

Ensuring that the processing plant has a steady feed and crushed down to a size that can be easily milled is the responsibility of the crusher operator. If the crushed rock size is not correct the mill will take longer to grind, causing a major bottleneck in the system. The operator will manage a shift for 20 minutes to achieve a KPI objective. The crusher operator will need to do a prestart on the crushing plant and will be subjected to equipment that could potentially kill the operator.

Crusher Operations MineSim Screenshot

The Mill Introduction

The Mill is responsible for grinding the ore material down to a fine enough sand or powder to allow for the metal to be exposed to necessary chemicals or to be liberated from gange material to be concentrated and treated. The user will tour a working mill that has just started and will help the mill operator identify how the Cyclones are behaving during startup. The user will see the importance of the mill supporting equipment and how it all works together.

The Mill Introduction MineSim Screenshot

The Mill Operation

Operating your ball mill will come with a very unique set of challenges that will revolve around material type, the hardness of the rock, the mineral size of which you need to extract and the equipment that the mill is working with either as circulating load or not. The variables can feel endless, however, there are a few basics that just about all ball mills follow and this module tries to teach you some of the important ones.

Mill Operation MineSim Screenshot

Energy Management Introduction

The introduction to Energy management teaches students about how the energy balance in the topic of looking at the energy management of a multi-story office building. The students will learn to become familiar with some of the basic terminology and tools used in the beginnings of an energy audit. The student is expected to explore the office building and take note of potential areas of concern that the office building may have which can potentially cause lower efficiency in handling energy in the building.

Energy Management MineSim Screenshot

Energy Management Operations

Energy Management operation module allows the student to begin their level 1 energy audit of the office building. The student will become familiar with calculating heating and cooling energy in the building and what the impacts of these variables have on the overall system. The student will need to identify without the assistance of the simulation some problems that can easily be solved in the office building to lower the energy level of the building and to reduce the temperature inside of the building.

Energy Management Operations MineSim Screenshot

Energy Management Advanced

The Energy Management Advanced module approaches some of the skills required to assess the performance of changes that have been recommended. This is approached by understanding some math content giving the students more confidence when trying to perform an energy balance of a system such as an office building. The module also teaches the student about how to review the performance of the changes recommended in an audit with degree days and using of the Energy Management Australian standards. During the plant stage, the student will make recommendations to the office on how to improve their energy management, the student will be able to see a short report on what they have changed in the module and what is the outcome of their change.

Energy Management Advanced MineSim Screenshot

Screening Introductions

Screening in mining industry is used in multiple areas. Screening can improve on the efficiency of a process and reduce operating costs down stream. This module provides an introduction to what screening is and why it is useful and how to work safely around a screening plant.

Screening Introductions MineSim Screenshot

ICAM Operations

ICAM tool is widely used in various industries across the world. Understanding important methods and procedure on how the ICAM investigation is approach is valuable not only for the people conducting the investigation but also for the people that are involved in the investigation. This module allows the student to learn more about what are the important factors of the ICAM method and how to use them effectively when conducting an investigation.

ICAM Operations MineSim Screenshot

Froth Floatation Introduction

Froth floatation is a concentration method using the minerals hydrophobic behavior to separate it from the gaunge slurry. This method of separation is a simple operation with lots of variables that influence its behavior. This module will introduce you to some of the floatation equipment you will be using as well as enforcing some good plant behavior around the floatation areas.

Froth Floatation Introductions MineSim Screenshot

Froth Floatation Operation

Floatation operation is less magic and more science and a lot more patience. The module will take you through some key concepts on how and why materials float and what key parameters plant operators and managers will consider when running a float plant. The user will learn how to operate a float plant with some guidance and can then freely experiment and play with the floatation operation

Froth Floatation Operations MineSim Screenshot

CIP / CIL Introduction

Normally the biggest section of a processing plant in terms of footprint is the leaching section. To leach, a valuable mineral from solid to a solution is relatively easy, if you understand the equipment associated with the process. This module will give you insight into the equipment and its relation within the leaching plant.

Screening Introductions MineSim Screenshot

CIP / CIL Operation

Managing a leaching plant is essentially just balancing the reagent concentrations that best fit the most optimal leaching conditions for the material you are treating. These conditions can change daily and require constant monitoring and reaction to ensure that the plant operates smoothly. It is not uncommon for leaching operators to get distracted from their task of monitoring the plant condition by having to deal with equipment that misbehaving or sudden changes in material characteristics. This module teaches the user about some of the general gold leaching plant parameters to monitor and to help run a leaching plant.

ICAM Operations MineSim Screenshot

Future Modules

There are many more modules to come to MineSim. If you have any suggestions on future modules we can work on, please contact us here.